Bucket List

As a self-confessed lover of travel, I spend a lot of my daydreaming quota thinking of all the places I’d like to visit. Sometimes, an entire country fascinates me but sometimes, I’ll read about a particular place or see it in a movie and want to visit it. I know I’ll keep adding to this list as the days go on.

I’ll start with the places I have been to:
– UAE – all 7 emirates
– Geneva, Switzerland
– Singapore
– Bangkok, Thailand

And India deserves more clarification because I am from here. The states I have visited are:
Kerala (of course, I was born here! 😝)
– Ooty, Madras and Coimbatore – Tamil Nadu
РBelgaum, Hubli, Vijaynagara, Aihol̩, Pattadkal, Bijapur and Bangalore РKarnataka
– Most of the north of Goa
– Ahmedabad, Baroda, Palitana – Gujarat
– Gwalior – Madhya Pradesh
– Kolkata – West Bengal
– National Capital Region of Delhi
– Dehradun, Mussourie, Corbett and Rishikesh – Uttarakhand
– Lucknow and Gorakhpur – Uttar Pradesh
– Sonipat – Haryana
– Bhiwadi and Ranthambore – Rajasthan
– Kaziranga and Dibrugarh – Assam
Punjab – I don’t remember the name of the place but I attended a wedding here. In my defence, it was a lot of nighttime travel and I was pooped from work!

My bucket list of places to visit. I’ll keep adding to this:
– South America (so many places here)
– England
– Ireland
– Scotland
– Wales
– France
– Spain
– Italy
– Egypt
– South Africa
– Leh
– Ladakh
– Andaman and Nicobar Islands
– The Serengeti
– Mauritius
– Maldives
– Sri Lanka
– Manali
– New Zealand
– Australia
– Japan
– Malaysia
– Krabi – Thailand
– Santorini – Greece
– Jamaica
– Istanbul, Pamukkale – Turkey
– Mexico
– Munnar
– Daman and Diu


12 thoughts on “Bucket List

    • Hahaha! Yes, I’m a bit of a tangent! 😄 I think I’ve always wanted to see the place since The Lion King. And I watch a lot of Nat Geo, hehe. I’d love the chance to just watch lion prides doin’ their thing, hangin’ out. And the cubs!!! Don’t get me started on the cubs! 😁


      • I really hope I do get to go one day! You gotta dream big, right? Yes, I’ll definitely take photos and if not two cameras then a hard drive with lots of space! 🙂 Heading over to check your blog right now!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yes!! And what better way to experience our wonderful world than travel! I wish us travel bug bloggers could get together and plan a yearly trip to a new place. It would be fantastic! What do you think?


      • That’d be amazing if we coordinated efforts, or just be in the same area during the same time and met half way or something! I remember the first time I went to Europe and met my penpal in person and she showed me her city in the Netherlands. It was a wonderful experience. I do like going out there and meeting new people and revisiting the old friends I made before. It’s definitely something that could be further explored!


      • Yes, right? Maybe we can make a group on FB or a blog where we all pitch in. I don’t know how it would work exactly but I’m sure we can come up with something once we put our minds to it. Do you have an Instagram account? We could connect there and see where things lead. 🙂


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