Approaching Vacation

There are many ways to approach a vacation, aren’t there? There are those who never head out without having things meticulously planned, with each day mapped out in advance. Maybe they have a map of the place with all the interesting places circled and shortest routes drawn out in pen for ease. They might spend hours Googling everything worth knowing about the latest destination of choice, preferring to go completely prepared.

Then there are the ones who make last minute plans, or maybe book a holiday to a destination just because they fancied it. A destination never heard of before, just a place that promises adventure. They might get on a plane or train or bus with no preconceived notions about what to expect, willing to take the new place as it comes. They’ll wander along the streets and by-lanes and eat where the locals eat instead of going through reviews of restaurants by previous travellers.

Then there are those who prefer others to do the organising for them. Those who take the backseat while someone else does all the planning, be they friend, family or travel agent. They prefer package deals, with breakfast included and daily bus tours through the city’s favourite tourist spots. They’ll listen to the tour guides, walk through the parks, take pictures of the landmarks and go home with similar stories as the rest on the tour bus in terms of their view of the holiday destination.

Now, I’m not advocating that any one approach is better than the other. They’re all perfectly fine as long as they suit you. I won’t judge people for the vacation choices they make either, we each have our priorities and must cater to them. I love to travel like the first two types, a bit of research, a bit of curious exploring, while giving the bus tours a wide berth. I’m loathe to stick to routine on a daily basis, let alone on vacation. I’ve been planning an April vacation for a bit now. And this time I did do a bit of research, as I’m planning a sort of culinary journey through one of my favourite holiday destinations in India. Pictures to follow in April of my trail of gluttony. 🙂

How do you travel? Do you plan or go with the flow or enjoy package deals? Tell me what you think, comments welcome!


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