Yay!! Counting down to a holiday is just so much fun isn’t it? Well, in truth, it is rather excruciating than fun. I always tell myself I won’t do it, I won’t count it down because as we all know there is no better way to stall time. You can literally hear the clock hands tick slower, like there’s a three second wait between each one! And the days that flew by just last week have taken to crawling like an amputated cockroach. That’s mean I know, but that is really what it feels like. I know you agree.

Even though I try to make myself not count down, it never works. I get excited abouuuttt……..10 days before liftoff. I start dreaming of whatever destination I’m going to, in rose-tinted blur. Why blur? Because my mind is like an anthill under attack – on steroids. It flits and scampers on a million legs so I can’t really focus on the images of slowly swaying palm trees or the babbling stream with the sun glinting off its surface. It’s more of an ecstatic frenzy of images one after the other, sort of like a slideshow gone wrong. Ok, I’ll stop, I’m sure you get the picture. Picture. Get it?

So, what are the things on the forefront of my imaginings? Well it’s usually food, clothes, drinks, fun, packing, photographs, camera and shoes, in no particular order. Except food, that one’s glued to first place currently. So I’m dreaming about all the restaurants I want to eat at, the dishes I’m going to wolf down, all the YOLO-ness I’m going to get into my belly, because duh! ‘holiday’ means calories don’t count. Mmmmm….Oreo milkshake with a side of fries? Totally legit, I tell ya! I’ll burn it off once I’m back! Pfft! Piece o’ cake! (Again with the pun, sorry!)

I also mentally pack a thousand times to my three of actual, physical packing. I’m a notorious over-packer. There have been times I packed boots to a beach vacation, 5 sweaters for a mild winter retreat and one time I didn’t even pack pajamas. You know why? Because I’d packed them so many times in my head I forgot to actually put them into my bag! So yes, I have a ways to go before I become the smug “I’ll pack last minute and not have a moment of panic before or during the holiday” person.

I’m currently trying not to (and failing miserably) count down to a holiday in 3 days. It’s an exciting one for many reasons. For one, it’s just us girls and by that I mean my mum, my sister and I. Second, it’s a place that I love that my family haven’t been to, and last but not least I’m taking them. This is the first vacation where I feel so grown up handling all the expenses, hotel bookings, ticket bookings, planning, the whole thang. I realise I just wrote thang and I think that’s quite enough for today.

How do you all while away the time to a holiday? Do you have the whole packing thing down to an art or are you like me, lost but lovin’ it? Share with me people, I’d love to read your stories!


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