Vacation Breakdown

Hello all my lovely readers! So, as you all know (mainly because I told you) I was on vacation and I was super excited about it. I was going to explore a place I’d been to with many different types of people, my way this time. And that place was……….*drumroll*……….GOA!

As I’ve said, I’ve been there many times but I just took the place for granted, not going beyond the Baga-Calangute-Anjuna-Vagator circuit. And I didn’t know what I was missing until now! As someone who is still coming to terms with herself, exploring who I am, I really enjoyed exploring what has to be one of my favourite states in India. I will detail my travels here and give you a realistic account of the places I visited and stayed at. I myself did quite a bit of internet and personal research before I went this time and I found a load of misleading information. I would like to put that right, mainly because I believe in enjoying a vacation without wasting time going to places that are on people’s “must-visit-or-you’ll-die” lists that are really just meh.

Disclaimer: I am not a party animal, neither do I partake of narcotic substances so if you’re looking for things like the hottest rave party and where to fill your chillum, please walk away…that’s it, slowly back away, easy does it. Oi, take your chillum with you please. Thank you.

I went for a week and I went with my mum and sister, yup just us girls. And as the main concern for women travelling without men is for safety, especially in India, let me allay those fears right here and now. We had no problems with that at all. The locals are friendly (enough) and as long as you’re aware of yourself and not throwing yourself at every idiotic situation you can sniff out, you’ll be fine. Be smart and be safe and nothing bad will happen to ya! That said, I have been with a party-loving bunch of gals before and we never had any safety concerns then either.

A week is a good timeframe to visit Goa and from now on that’ll be my minimum target for a laze holiday there. If you haven’t been before, let me warn you, you’ll be hooked. Once you’ve been to Goa, you’ll want to go back again and again and….again! In a week, I had the chance to explore quite a bit but did not get to eat at all the places I wanted to. This was my own stupidity, I should have just hired a self-driven car on my first day there, which I didn’t. But next time, I will meticulously satisfy my gluttony. I did visit some of those aforementioned must-do joints, some were everything they promised to be and some were just plain, bland disappointment.

I think that’s about it for the breakdown for now. I will go into details about the places that impressed and the ones that didn’t in the posts to come. I did not go on a huge budget and still did not have anything to complain about. I know there are people galore who can tell you the best 5 stars and the internet will guide you to every palace of splurge there is. But I want to give my humble take on vacationing even if you don’t have hundreds of thousands to spend on a week of much-needed relaxation. Coming up, I have serious recommendations for y’all and also some deets for renting a car, where you can buy dresses &c. on the cheap (and I mean really cheap, if you’re spending foreign moolah!). So….stay tuned! 😊


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