Bargains and Buys

This is the last of this trip’s Goa posts. I’ve given you my views on what to eat, where to eat them, the beaches you should go to and my opinion on places to stay on a budget. In this will be the promised information on where you can find them dresses and bling.

You’ll find a lot of roadside “shops” and stalls selling jewelry, flip-flops, trinkets, souvernirs and clothes along the road behind Britto’s (this is the Baga-Calangute Road). We found some really cute dresses and some great jewelry here too! These are the places I loved:

1) There’s a small (so small, you might miss it I’m afraid!) swimwear shop along this road (on the right when you walk toward Calangute) where they have all styles of swimwear – bikinis, monokinis, one pieces and more, all at reasonable prices. I forgot to ask the name of the lady who runs the shop, sorry.

2) The shop bang opposite Our Lady of Piety church – run by a lady called Sharda. We got quite a few dresses here and be sure to bargain, HARD.


Sharda in her colourful shop!

3) The shop opposite Alcove Resort at Little Vagator, down the road from Thalassa. We found some real steals here. Again it’s all about bargaining. It’s run by a young man and he asked to tell everyone to ask for Maruti Store, that is the name of his shop though you’d be hard pressed to find a sign anywhere.

That's the shopkeeper

That’s the shopkeeper

That's my sister in front of his shop

That’s my sister in front of his shop

4) And lastly, an open Tibetan jewelry market right at the Calangute circle. Look around, you won’t miss it. If you’re Indian, most of the sellers turn their nose up at you. They will not even bother asking you to look at their wares (I think this is because we will not believe that a ring costs INR 3000/- but they can do that to international tourists) but if you have an exotic accent, they’ll flock to you! We found two sisters extremely sweet and helpful and my sister and I both bought turquoise bracelets from them. Again, I forgot to ask their names, but their stall is the one on the extreme right corner closest to the road.

Pretty, aren't they?

Pretty, aren’t they?

Oh, before I forget, I would like to provide you with the phone number (with permission) of the man I rented a self-drive car from. His name is Pradeep Shirodkar and his mobile number is +91-9822-1839-09. I wanted a small car and got a WagonR is great condition. Since he is at Calangute, I got the car within 15 minutes of requesting it over the phone. If you want a self-driven car, give him a call. I don’t know if he has taxis but you could ask. His rates are good, and he is a polite and friendly man. He also asked me to tell my readers that he has a jewelry shop (0832-2276-676) at Calangute with address: Shop B.S.-17, Banson Complex-B, Naika Vaddo, Calangute, Bardez, Goa. 🙂

Mr. Pradeep Shirodkar

Mr. Pradeep Shirodkar

This brings an end to the Goa chapter of March 2015. I know I’ll go back to this beautiful place again and again, so over the years I should have proper encyclopedic knowledge of Goa (if only).

As always, love and happy travels!!


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