My Artistic Journey

Welcome to another side of me. I don’t know how many of you know that I am an artist as well. I’ve been warned of the ills of being a jack of all trades, master of none. I’ll ignore the bit in italics after the comma though. I can’t help it, the things that fuel me are vast and varied, and I really don’t see anything to apologise for here. So, I won’t. :p We can’t all live a straight-jacketed life, can we?

I was not a child who drew or painted. I remember always being creative though, making little keepsakes and trinkets out of everyday objects like toothpicks and beads and things. I was a big fan of Martha Stewart, if that helps you understand. I never even knew I possessed any sort of talent in the art category until my five-year education in architecture. The profession is not my cup of tea but I learned a lot of useful things in that time-frame. And discovered that I can wield a brush/pencil and that I have steady hands.

Cue questioning of life. I went through a stage where I felt guilty for not being passionate about architecture and hanging onto a job in the industry because I did not know how to start over. In this country, the very thought of deviating from the career path one chose at the very mature age of 17 is frowned upon. When I tried other industries, I was offered many “jobs” where they wanted me to come in and work for free for the first few months. Ahem, thanks but no thanks.

Then it was a year ago or so that I interviewed for yet another architecture job and while sat in front of the principal architect, every cell in my being was gagging, throwing up copious amounts of aversion to the profession. I literally had an invisible (to the naked eye) physical reaction that day and after I escaped from that interview, I slammed that door shut forever. Gladly too!

Then certain events in my life required me to dig deep, find myself and out came the paintbrushes and canvas. I felt this inexplicable urge to create. And I did. Lo and behold, the first painting done by yours truly to hang on a wall:

IMG_33723993866701Since I have never had any formal training in the fine arts, I learned by imitation. That is, looking at other artists’ work and trying to reproduce it. Then I moved on to painting from photographs that took my fancy. That helped me a lot. I don’t know when I started producing original works of art because it wasn’t a conscious decision, it just happened. I now paint with oils, acrylics, water colours or even just do black and white pen drawings (which I enjoy immensely, by the way). Below are a few examples of my work.

IMG_33766527658872     IMG_33777736090587


This was done entirely with black pen, ballpoint and gel. There’s a lot of stippling involved here too, a favourite technique of mine.

IMG_20150405_152549[1]   chakka


I do custom work if someone requests it and sell all the paintings and drawings I do, unless otherwise specified.Well, that’s it for today, I hope you enjoyed this new bit of me.

And if you want to see all/more of my artwork, you can do so on my Facebook Page: Rekha Chithrampatt Art and I also usually update my Instagram (@rc_writes) with my art as soon as I’m done with it, usually before the paint has even dried, yes, that’s how big a vessel of patience I possess. If you’re interested, do give me a follow on both. Cheers!


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