Skinny Banana Muffins and Bread: Recipe

Hi! I’ve been a-baking! The weather has been inclement here for days and days. The temperature was soaring previously and the relief is palpable. And I get the urge to bake when there’s wet weather because let’s face it, is there anything better than fresh baked goods warm from the oven for tea as the rain roars outside? That’s right – no, there isn’t anything better.

Except maybe onion pakoras. Damn, now I want some. So, hey, guess what snack I’m going to make for tea tomorrow? 😜

I do not like the taste of bananas and if I eat them uncooked they make my mouth itch. But I do love me some banana bread, banana pancakes and that wonderful food of Kerala, the banana fritter (pazham pori in malayalam). Since banana fritters are deep fried and I am patently terrified of deep frying, I leave that to braver souls, i.e. mum.


That beauty above is my banana bread recipe that I’ve skinnied up from this recipe I found on I prefer not to eat too much of white flour so I played around with the ratios of flour and also did not use all melted butter. I wanted to enjoy what I was eating instead of worrying too much about what was in it.

I made muffins with the first test recipe and then banana bread for the second test today. Each recipe used different ratios of flours but they’re both good so I will tell you both and you can choose which you want to use.


Test Recipe  1 – ¾ cup plain flour, ⅜ cup oat flour and ⅜ cup whole wheat flour.

Test Recipe  2 – ¾ cup oat flour, ⅜ cup plain flour and ⅜ cup whole wheat flour.

Please don’t forget to read the notes at the end.

• 1-2 ripe bananas (or 4 if using the small tropical ones)
• 1½ cups flour (for ratios, refer above)
• 1 heaping tsp baking powder
• ¼ cup sugar
• 1 pinch of salt
• 1/3 cup minus 1 tbsp flavourless vegetable oil
• 1 tbsp melted butter or ghee
• 1 egg
• 1 tsp vanilla extract
• A grating of cinnamon (optional)
• Small handful of oats (optional)

– Preheat oven to 175°C. Grease a loaf tin and dust with flour.
– In a large bowl mash the bananas with a whisk.
– Add the sugar to the bananas and whisk well. This will allow the bananas to break down further so you don’t have big lumps of banana in your bread, or muffins, as the case may be.
– Add the egg and oil+butter/ghee and vanilla essence, mix to incorporate.
– In a separate bowl, add in the flours in your preferred ratio, of course, if you want you can use only plain flour; I won’t judge.
– Add the baking powder and salt to the flour mix and fork through to distribute evenly. Grate in the cinnamon, if using, at this stage.
– Sift the flour mix into wet ingredients, mix well.
– Add in the whole oats, if using, now and incorporate.
– This is quite a thick batter, so use a spatula to get the whole thing into the prepared tin.
– Bake at 175°C for 12-15 mins or until an inserted skewer comes out clean.


1) I have a very small oven so the time it might take for yours to bake fully might be different. Just keep an eye on the loaf once the delicious smells make you want to take a peek anyway.
2) I do not like overly sweet things so feel free to add in more sugar if you think you’d like that. Just remember to taste the bananas to check how sweet they are first before doubling the sugar and ending up with something inedible.
3) If you too have a small oven and are making muffins, it might take two goes to use up all the batter. In this case, divide the wet and dry ingredients in half and mix together in two separate batches so that both sets of muffins have the chance to rise to their full potential. Rise. Get it? Ha!
4) Feel free to make different flavour combinations, you could add in some walnuts or chocolate chips. You could make chocolate banana bread too, just remove 3 tbsps (or more depending on how chocolatey you want it) of flour and replace with the same amount of cocoa powder.

Let me know of you try the recipe(s) and if you enjoyed them, leave me a comment, I’d love to hear from you! 🙂 Cheers!


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