Inspiration In Spades

This post is not like one of my usuals, this one is a bit random, a bit diverse and a bit life changing (for me definitely; perhaps for you too).

I’ve been inspired!! Yesterday was a day when I found inspiration overload – and that’s never a bad thing. I cannot call myself a traveller yet but it’s something I yearn to be. Who is a traveller? As opposed to a vacationer who sees only the glitter of an unknown place, a traveller goes beyond. True travellers are on a journey and they never want to arrive. It is more than just physical, the journey is also for the soul. Taking a great couple of vacations a year is everyone’s dream but I’m of that particular mould that thinks, “I need a six month vacation, twice a year”. Whoever said that first, I feel ya!

Oh it isn’t because I’m lazy and don’t want to work. The work I do now, I enjoy immensely. If I didn’t, I would not be able to sustain it. Case in point being my previous life as an architect. In the past, I’ve felt the need to move but couldn’t because I was tied down, literally. Now, I’m free to do as I choose. The last year and a half have been about self discovery, and learning about me after having felt disconnected from who I am for so long. It, at times, felt like an out of body experience, it was that intense. Watching myself do things I never thought possible. And down that path of finding myself again, I figured it’s ok to want to be anywhere but here.

All the positive thinking and presence of mind advisers tell you to be in the now. I totally get that. Life happens a second at a time and that’s all we have. Who says that mid-sentence or mid-poop you won’t just disappear, be annihilated, for some other species to discover millions of years hence? (Yes, I’m talking of the dinosaurs. They didn’t see it coming, so who says we will? Even with our fancy technology and eyes in space.) If I had to choose, I wouldn’t be found here. I would rather be found fossilised as I was gazing at some new wonder. So I’d modify it thus; be in the now but dream of tomorrow. That’s life, sometimes the lessons you learn can be open to interpretation.

I understand that appreciating this moment, this ever shifting moment is the best way to live. That also means you’re content with where you are. And that is the part with which I take issue. I’m just never content where I am. Maybe the wanderer gene skipped many generations and landed itself in me. Maybe I’m a nomad who had to grow into her own to realise it. Try telling the wandering wildebeest to stop migrating, choose one or the other side of the crocodile infested river and set up camp. That’s a bit how I feel. It is an innate instinct, a compulsion, one that will not be ignored. So why try?

Ok, before I ramble off into the thicket with my thoughts and you lose hope of finding me, let me get to the point. I am a lover of distant places, a native of a place I wasn’t born in (I’ll know when I get there), and a free spirit. My way of thinking needed to change is all. I had to stop seeing only the hurdle and look beyond it to that beautiful mountain peak with the sun rising behind it, making its frost sparkle! And I did yesterday!! Hallelujah, I saw it! It’s time to stop making excuses, hiding behind obligations and misplaced guilt and just go grab life by the collar (I refuse to say balls, yuck!)

All of us bitten by the wanderlust bug often look at pictures of those constantly on the move, read stories of experiences we can’t fathom, and envy, envy, envy. We make up stories of why we could never do it. We tell ourselves they’re rich. We can’t think of what our parents would say, what society would say. We want the three pillars of success – job, car, house – to prove a point. Honestly how many articles of 20-something year olds quitting their jobs to travel must you read before you wonder whether you’ll spend your life making excuses or making memories?

It doesn’t help, I know, that most travellers don’t tell the world how they manage to be almost always on the move, where they make their moolah, how it started. I was talking to a friend yesterday who is set to spend a month or so in Australia and unable to contain myself, asked her what she does for a living. She saw through the question and quipped, “How do I fund my trip you wonder?” She nailed it. That’s exactly what I was wondering. She told me she prioritizes and told me a bit more in detail. It was the moment the angels sang their celestial “AAAAAAAAAAA” and it clicked.

If you want it bad enough, you make it happen. Simple as that.

I am not being snooty by not telling you all what she does to save up for her travels. I’m going to have her featured on Oh! Fernweh while she travels in Australia as she has kindly agreed to share a bit of her life with us!! I’m so excited for this new path that this blog is going down. I have been wanting to feature other travellers here and the organising has been in the pipeline for a bit. Now it’s finally happening. In that vein, I’ll be featuring another lover of travel tomorrow, she’s my boss at one of my writing jobs! Stay tuned for that, it’s going to be so worth it!

Happy travels all!


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