West Coast – Greek Style

Hello everyone! I know I said I’d talk about my Bangalore shenanigans next on here but I have something better, way better!! I have a wonderful friend who currently lives in Greece and man, has she been utilising her time there to its fullest. I drool at her pictures daily, the beaches, the orange trees, the food! Oh.my.god. So without further ado, Beaulah, fellow blogger at tête–à–tête of my memoir, takes it away with Guest Post #2!

Beautifully decorating the west coast of Greece, lies the Ionian islands, the most talked about and visited islands of Greece, making them the blue flagged islands meaning it indicates having, eco-high environmental and quality standard beaches and Marinas. The Ionian islands or the Heptanese (meaning ‘seven islands’ in Greek) are known for their clear crystal water sea, beautiful coral beaches and their traditional Greek Villages. Though I haven’t visited all seven, I have been to three famous ones and I fell in love with each island individually. So why not meet them one by one!

  • Kefalonia


This island being the largest of the Ionian islands boasts rich history and archaeology that spans from the Greek ancient times until modern times maintaining its distinctive character throughout the centuries. With mountains and beautiful crystal blue waters alongside white sandy beaches makes it perfect holiday spot for everyone.  Top sightseeing in this island would be the remoted anti samos beach far from the touristic spots into the wilderness, the fabulous Melissani caves to explore the mysterious side of this island, the castle of Saint George with the impressive venetian architectural style, and not to forget the traditional villages of Assos and Fiscardo, thus completing the picture of this charming island.

Trivia: Did you know that the Hollywood movie ‘ Captain’s Corelli Mandolin’ was filmed in Kefalonia?


  • Corfu


Corfu the English way and Kerkyra the Greek way, makes this island one of the most popular islands among tourists for its stunning beauty, with its uniqueness of having one side of the island with white pebble beaches and the other comprising of golden sandy beaches, making it the most beautiful island of the three Ionian islands I have been to. With its ancient history and the Venetian rule, you can see the extraordinary flavors and tastes the island is blessed with. The sight of the mountains of Albania far north, and the fort overlooking the island, makes it worthwhile to admire the view. If you further explore the old town made up of cobblestones and narrow alleys it reminds you of the Pizza country. Must visit spots would be the traditional and tiny yet perfectly composed village of Pelekas and its long stretch of private beach, the golden Glyfada beach with a long ride on the ATV (All-terrain Vehicle) along the coast of the island for a picturesque view and some awesome cuisine.

Trivia: Did you know that at Achillion Palace, the duke of Edinburgh, Philip Mountbatten, the spouse of Queen Elizabeth was born?


  • Zakynthos


Popularly known as Zante, the Ionian island Zakynthos is full of surprises and excitement. It is a place that has it all. The trademark of the island is the Navagio Beach (‘Shipwreck’ beach) sometimes known as the smuggler’s cove. For a more vibrant and ambience filled place, a must is the Laganas beach with its unique natural scenery. The place comprises of a beautiful old town center with long sandy beaches to relax with picturesque views. One last beach to include would be the blue caves making it cherry on top of the cake. Some Greeks advice you to take a boat and go around the island to enjoy its natural beauty.

Trivia: Did you know that Laganas Beach is where the sea-turtles Caretta Caretta, which is a species that has lived on our planet for 200 million years, choose to lay their eggs every year?

Each Ionian island has a distinctive character of its own. But one thing’s for sure, none of the islands I mentioned could never leave you disappointed. So, let me know when you plan your trip next!

Happy Reading!


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