Bangalore in June

I’ve been stretching myself a little thin these last few days. So much to do, and so little time kind of thing. But then I learned, rather late (last night) that having 20 tabs open is detrimental to getting anything done and does not increase my efficiency. The truth is, soon all the 20 tabs stop making sense collectively and I wonder what life means, what I’m doing in front of the computer screen and whether aliens exist. So, in conclusion, not productive. Now I know the problem, I’ve just got to wean myself off that habit.

Ok, now to the Bangalore trip. As you know, I didn’t go there for the pure pleasure of travel, I was there on a mission – to attend a seminar. But that doesn’t mean a girl can’t treat herself to some good food, drinks and friends! So, that’s exactly what this girl did.

I was staying at a friend’s and I hadn’t given the newlyweds a wedding present until then, actually hadn’t met him after he got married!! They’re lovers of tea and collects teas and teapots from all over the world so this is what I did: I got them a cute teal teapot, and bought two plain white ceramic mugs and personalized them! As you do.


You know, ’cause penguins pair for life….hehe. (Another bad photo! Sorry, will work on that!)

The first day I got there, I went and got myself two new tattoos (I already have one from some 5 years ago) that I’ve been wanting to get for sooo long! The bird tat went from nape of neck to below wrist because I wasn’t happy with how it looked in the former position.


Great photos, I know! *eye roll* Sorry about that, they’re just tricky places for one to photograph by oneself especially when one has a big phone and small hands. :/

The bird with the anchor/Saggitarius symbol composite depicts my love for travel and freedom. The “i am” one now reads “i am star” unfortunately. It was supposed to be profound, and now it seems like something out of Spongebob Square Pants! Grr! I don’t know what came over me to agree with the tattoo artist when he said, “No, don’t put a period after the ‘am’.” I am definitely going to have that little dot and a few more stars done to clear up the confusion. Sheesh. This is what happens when you get a tattoo after a night of no sleep (was in the train with the night light glaring in my face) and a long wait.

Anyhooo, moving on. I went that same night for dinner with my friend Krupa, for whom I had a special wedding gift as well that I forgot to carry along with me that nightRead: lack of sleep! But I gave it to her later:


A personalized painting based on a paragraph in a letter he wrote to her back in ’09.

We met at Serafina in Koramangala and had the most heavenly rosemary and orange peel sangrias!! We ate too, don’t worry. Some great chicken wings and some average or below pasta and pizza.


Officially new favourite drink! And believe you me, it takes a lot in my book to topple the long-reigning margarita!

On another day off, I went for solo lunch at this place called Phobidden Fruit (such an awesome name!) in Indiranagar which serves Vietnamese food, duh! Pho-bidden.


Hoi An chicken salad with a ginger-lemon cooler. Gooood.


Sweet and sticky pork belly with rice. Gooooood!

Another day, I went to meet my friend again at Boca Grande in Koramangala and had their authentic hot chocolate. My verdict – authentically good!! Loved it. To sustain my hot chocolate habit (only when I’m away from home) I went to Café Coffee Day another day and had their gourmet hot chocolate which was good too. No photo of either, sorry. You’ll just have to take my word for it!

On a more travel related note, guess what li’l old me just did? Go on, guess! Ok, I’ll tell you – I booked tickets for a week long birthday trip to Bali – solo. That’s right, I took the solo travel plunge!! Eep, am excited and just a little bit terrified! 😀

I have only booked flight tickets, I wanted to consult with you all on where I should stay. I’m thinking the first couple of nights I can treat myself to some luxury, it is my birthday after all, and then I don’t mind slumming it a little so I can eat all I want and go on a few snorkeling trips. I also have to learn how to ride a bicycle before then so I can master riding a scooter, and get a licence for a two-wheeler! Ach, bitten off more than I can chew methinks! Help!!

So please, please write me your suggestions on Bali, where I should stay, what I should see, eat and do! I’m so looking forward to reading all your inputs! And as always, Happy and Safe travels!!



12 thoughts on “Bangalore in June

  1. I love reading your posts girl! I like the bird tattoo…hopefully you will get the ‘i am’ one corrected the way you like it 🙂
    I have never been to Bali…wish you an awesome and safe stay there. Hoping to see some beautiful photos of Bali after your trip there 🙂


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