Unreasonable Dreamer

“Sometimes I weep for things I haven’t lost yet.
Sometimes I smile for things I haven’t found yet.”   -Rekha (me, not the actress)

I’ve always been proud of saying that I’m a dreamer. I still am. However, there was a flaw in the earlier declaration. I was content with dreaming, and discontent with nothing ever happening to make those dreams come true. Now, I’ve made up my mind to be an unreasonable dreamer.UntitledWhen I say unreasonable, it does not here mean the definition we all know, the one above. It’s something I picked up at Landmark – what it means is without giving reasons, without making reasons – not having to explain the ‘why’. And that’s so freeing a thought. What if we stop assigning meanings to every single thing we come across, and spend precious time just doing what we want to do. What happens when you stop explaining things to people, your reasons for doing xyz? That’s right, you save time. And you stop inviting doubting Toms to give you their penny’s worth of negativity which can lead to an unwelcome windfall if you’re not careful.

The dreamer that I am.

The dreamer that I am. (Original artwork by yours truly. Do not copy.)

I’m no longer content with being a couch dreamer, or couch potato, I’d rather be a couch surfer! (Though I’m currently terrified of the thought, I’d like to believe soon I’ll be brave enough to try this.) The first step was starting this blog – one dedicated mainly to travel. I have blogged previously, and still do elsewhere. So why this, why now? Well, why not? I love to travel, I want to travel and I want to connect to like-minded individuals. And there’s no dearth of wonderfully inspiring travelers in the blog world I can tell you! I have learned so much, not just from the travelers with blogs, but from many other sources as well.

Flickr image by: Kira Laktionov

Flickr image: Kira Laktionov

I have many rich friends. Correction – lots of rich acquaintances; we wish each other on our respective birthdays, if that helps you get the picture. These people go on trips all over the world and they do it mostly in the lap of luxury. I would look at their albums and be filled with envy, and so much hopelessness at never being able to see these places with my own eyes. When I was reasonable, I never thought I could have these experiences, I was trying to fit in, trying to live the life I was “supposed” to, I didn’t have enough freedom, enough money, enough luck. So many excuses! After a while, I just accepted that I would have to live vicariously through these people’s pictures.

Flickr image by: Nicholas Rich Photography

Flickr image: Nicholas Rich Photography

Pfft! Now I want to go back and tell my younger self, “Bullshit!” I hadn’t even considered an alternative, that there are many different ways to travel, and that money should never be the factor to stop one from chasing their dreams. Yes, money does play a role, but it isn’t the only thing. Even when I was earning quite well, I never went after my dreams, I never saved for the important things. It was always a pair of shoes or jeans that was my transient aim.

I told you a couple of posts ago that I booked a trip to Bali, how did that happen on a salary way below what I was earning before? How did I get over that block? I told you my mind has been awakened, it can never go back to petty complaints about why my life is less than ideal. I’m here, I’m alive and I love it!

Flickr image by: Christopher Chan

Flickr image by: Christopher Chan

Tanah Lot, Bali pictured above does not require the cutting off of my right arm to enjoy. What it takes is the action of booking tickets rather than sighing wistfully at the screen in front of me. This is what I have worked out today, I want to cross off at least three places from my Travel Bucket List in the remaining months of this year. I’m aware that I have chosen to start ambitiously. You might not think so, but for someone who hasn’t flown international for 15 years, it’s a leap. In the coming 5 months, a minimum of three places I’ve never been to shall be visited, whether it be international or in India.

How many of you have taken leaps of faith? Was starting to travel a huge step for you? Any suggestions for which places I should visit other than Bali?


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