Here I Go

I do enjoy it when happy events occur from way out of the blue! So far out of the blue that it doesn’t even register in that part of the colour spectrum. In that way, I’m a lover of surprises. Is anyone not, actually? I wrote about joining a travel club a couple of weeks ago, if you remember. Well, I’m revealing all here now. It is the brainchild of Shraddha Gupta, a travel lover with a vision, who is also the founder and COO of Street Trotter

Now, I’ll confess that I haven’t been a huge fan of Twitter, I never understood the thrill behind telling the world what one was up to in 140 characters or less. I was very late to join the bandwagon, and then too I deleted my account twice in the earlier days. But boy am I glad I took the plunge finally. Initially it seemed like I was incapable of handling so many separate social media accounts simulataneously. As my brain tried desperately to alternately un-forget Twitter and/or Instagram, I found a gem. 

The Travel Wizard’s Club!

This is an exclusive club for travel enthusiasts who are also bloggers. It took me about 3 seconds to think, does that apply to me? TICK. So I clicked on the link that took me to the registration site, and within the span of a few minutes, I sat with eyes bright, waiting to see whether I’d be accepted. Happily, I was! You’re reading the words of a shiny new member of TWC! 🙂

Even before I was more than a fledgling here, I enthusiastially created a Facebook page for this blog, something I had long wondered whether I should do. Next, I bought the domain for Oh Fernweh, another thing I had been procrastinating about. I also found a bunch of talented bloggers, all of whom I follow now. I suppose when the time is right, things just fall into place!

The first meeting of TWC took place in Delhi in July; I coudn’t make it to this meeting, but of course I read every scrap I was offered on Facebook, Twitter and through members’ blogs. We are an eclectic mix, all with one common love – Travel. There are those with years of experience, there are those who are social media experts, and then are some like me, enthusiastic beginners.

I am extremely excited about this whole new phase; the amazing people this club has acquainted me with, whom I will get to know better in the days to come, and for the experiences that TWC promises. I don’t want to reveal too much here (I love a good suspense) but rest assured, great things are about to happen to liitle old me, and Oh Fernweh! I hope you’ll strap in for the journey and cheer me on!

As always, Happy and Safe Travels to all!!


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