Time For A Lot

Hello all! I hate that I’ve been neglecting writing here. Life is certainly a bit overwhelming right now. I won’t use the busy excuse, but it is, in fact, the truth, not an excuse. I’m working hard at a bunch of things, all of which seem to have similar deadlines.

I can feel the wanderlust building pressure inside me. The tug inside, asking me to move. I remember (only too well) that I committed to seeing three new places before the end of this year. So far, I have one down, one definitely planned and booked, and another to go. I don’t know whether I can manage it before my December trip, or whether I’ll have to cram a second location into that short time away.

That doesn’t stop me from dreaming, does it? By the way have you all noticed how, when you’re happily cruising by in life, happy with where you are, the entire plane beneath you shifts and you’re tipped and tossed about. It leaves you dazed, making what was the satisfactory norm a little mundane, a little bland. Yes, I’ve been pitched about a bit in the sea of life. I’m fine, but a little unsteady on my feet. Do stick around though, in a week or so, I’ll be back in form.

As always, Happy Travels people! And before you go, do take the time to help me out with the dilemma below. Thanks! 😊

Do you think I should club locations, or actually plan a solo trip before then? Any suggestions? Anywhere in, and around, India should be good..


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