The Countdown Begins

Pixabay Image Courtesy: keulefm

Pixabay Image Courtesy: keulefm

Okay, so technically it may be a bit early, but who are we kidding, the countdown must begin! A month from now, somewhere around this time, I will land in beautiful Bali, Indonesia. To say I am looking forward to this trip is an understatement. To be honest, as with most things I look forward to, I’m afraid to jinx it. This time though, I’m letting all those doubts and unnecessary inside-head dialogues go. Go. Go, be free and don’t bother me.

I made a public announcement to break up with my favourite shopping site, Jabong, a few weeks ago. I am a little bit embarrassed to announce that I haven’t been able to keep myself away; man, J tempts me with these amazing deals and offers, and even makes me feel special by saying, “Psst, items in your wishlist are on sale.” I’m no weakling, but a girl can only hold herself back so much. I have been getting items with a view into the future (I’m being cryptic for now, deal with it), and I know that isn’t what one is ‘supposed’ to do, but I can’t remember the last time I gave a flip about what I was supposed to do. I have no intention of breaking that streak now that the going’s good. So yes, I have many nice new summery dresses, swimsuits, a spankin’ new carry on case, a handbag, a sling bag, new sandals, and assorted. I will follow the philosophy that has got me this far: Thou shalt not regret a purchase. Ever.

Where was I? Oh yes, the classic, wandering off despite having a map in hand that is my USP. Bali. That picture up there makes my mouth water, as do the innumerable Google searches that lead me to Bali’s precious ‘secrets’, what I must eat, what I must see, where I must go. I might be being a little over-optimistic (that’s a thing, right?) with all the things I want to actually eat, I mean I have a tiny appetite and a long list in my head, but I’m going to try dammit. And can I also say, I am so looking forward to Instagram-ing the beep out of my trip! Oh, yes!

The actual list making will be done in the last week before the trip, because I don’t want to be jumping around like the Energizer bunny for a month. This is my way of being Zen, or pretend Zen. Turning 29 in Bali, I can think of worse things I can do on my penultimate birthday before the big 3-0. Ha! If you hadn’t guessed, this post has no real purpose than to release some of the energy that surged through me upon waking up and looking at the date. So, my fellow travellers, help this girl narrow down the “must” lists with your valuable suggestions and experience. Oh, and I’ll make sure to tag you in the photo on the iconic swing in Gili Trawangan as a thank you! 😀


As always, Happy and Safe Travels all!


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