Ready, set, panic

pa*Let's just understand that 'panic' in the title is a verb. Okay, thanks!:p

I remember a naive me, sitting in this very same seat, tapping away at my keyboard 3 weeks ago, all calm and collected. Anyone see that person around anywhere? If you do, please let me know! I am now 5 days away from my much awaited (understatement of the decade) trip. And about as prepared as a jellyfish is for a life on land. Well, maybe just a tad bit better than that. Let’s take account.


  • Not even close. Usually I have some kind of clue as to what I want to pack. All I have swimming around in my head right now are: swimsuits, palazzo pants and shampoo.
  • Do I roll, fan and spread, or just go with traditional folding?
  • With a luggage limit of 7 kgs (yes, I picked that option), I have to pack much lighter to allow for the souvenirs I’ll pick up.


  • Zilch. Nu-uh. Nada.
  • True, I have asked some people who have been there before for help but I have to consolidate all the info into a plan.
  • I have vague images of snorkeling, the Gili Islands, cocktails and nasi goreng in my mind.


  • Again, I have a blanket sum that I can spend comfortably but that’s about it.
  • Day to day expense limits have to be calculated.
  • Occasional luxuries to be accounted for.

Keeping Calm

  • Not happening. I’m actually just penning this in a sneaky tab with work screaming to be finished in 4 others.
  • Zits. Yep, the stress ones! Nooo…. my pretty as a fairy Instagram pics seem doomed from the outset.
  • Emergency holiday diet begun in lieu of exercise, which I can’t find time for. Hate to report that cravings for the bad stuff are still in the building.

That’s all folks. Well, not really, but I must get back to work! Have a laugh at my expense and Happy Tuesday all! x


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