Selamat Pagi from Bali

So my trip to Bali finally rolled around in the midst of a rare bout of cough and cold (I rarely fall ill), and low energy. And yes, of course the routine depression when you realise you’re turning yet another year older. The 6 hour layover at Singapore Changi airport would have been easier to bear if I’d made it in time to register for the free heritage tour they had going on. Not to mention the fiasco it took to get me to Kochi in the first place. I found myself fearing for the rest of trip, lest this was an omen for things to come.

Then this happened:

Okay, so not an omen then. Phew. I have already spent two nights and one day on this beatiful island where the people are friendly, everywhere I look are frangipani trees, the weather is balmy (not my favourite but hey, I did choose a beach destination), the food is amazing and the rates affordable.

As I turned 29 yesterday, I spent a relaxing, lazy day on the beach at Nusa Dua. I lay down, looked at the endless blue of the sea and sky, felt the breeze in my hair and watched as the dappled sun falling on my bare legs played hide and seek with the shadows. I read some pages of the much awaited After You by Jojo Moyes, contemplated life, stopped caring about most things I usually worry about and just was. A yummy lunch with a glass of white followed by a languid-paced walk and foot massage at Bali Collection saw a perfect day pretty much winding down. I came back to my hotel, swung my legs in the pool and sketched one of the water-spout holder ladies pictured above.

No birthday cake, no candles and no annoying singing of the (recently allowed for public use) ‘Happy birthday’ song. And yet, it has to be one of my favourite birthdays ever, probably my favourite actually. Now I find myself sitting by the pool with a platter of fresh fruit beside me and the sound of the water gushing from the lovely ladies’ pots into the pool and making a promise – that each year, I’ll do something like this for my birthday, for myself. And to top each year’s experience with the next. It may be a tall order but I won’t know till I try!


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