Bali – The Wonderful Beginning

I’m back from my momentous, ice-breaker of a trip and still giddy about it all. When I started this blog, I remember dreaming of going somewhere alone, just me, my passport and a bag. I wasn’t sure how it would happen, let alone if it would happen. Now look at me, first solo trip done. And thoroughly enjoyed! I always knew I’d enjoy travelling alone, and am just so excited for all the places I have yet to see.

I chose Bali because I was enchanted by pictures I’d seen, photos by friends who had been there, and a sarong that a family friend brought back for me from the island some 18 years ago. *I am usually someone who, when left to her own devices, picks the most absolute worst item on the menu to try.* Not this time though. This time, I hit gold! All the way, baby. I am so glad that it was Bali that I went to, wide-eyed and happy, because I came back equally wide-eyed and happy.

The night before I had to come back home, I remember lamenting the unfairness of the tricks of time, slowing down and speeding up at the most inopportune moments. I wanted to make those 8 days stretch for an eternity. Then I asked myself, who is stopping me from going back? That’s right, no one! And once that realisation struck, I was back to happy.

Nusa Dua beach

Nusa Dua beach – where I spent most of my first day. Blue sky, clear waters, salty air, what more could one ask for? Perfection.

In the ‘land of gods’ as Bali is affectionately known, I found my creative home. Other than the effortless beauty of this gorgeous little island, the food, and the friendly people, I was absolutely captivated by the art, carvings, handicrafts and pure talent. For someone looking at the items on display from a tourist’s point of view it might get tedious. But for me, looking at them through artist’s eyes, the aesthetic was immensely inspiring; one of the main reasons why I am boldly declaring that this is only my first trip of many to Bali.


Batik weaving on a traditional loom.


The application of hot beeswax by hand, one of the crucial steps of the process of Batik printing.


Batik patterns on a finished bit of fabric.

Wood carving, so intricate, so detailed and delicate!

Wood carving, so intricate, so detailed and delicate!


Buddha – all shapes and sizes, only my luggage limits stopped me from throwing all my money at this place.


How graceful!

These are just glimpses that I caught on my camera. Most of the time, I even forgot to click pictures as I was gaping at everything in wonder. (Now there is a little something I’m holding back from sharing, merely because it isn’t 100% set in stone, but once it is, the pieces of the puzzle will fall into place.) In the meantime, my creative juices are flowing and I have so many ideas teeming in my head, so many new dreams acquired and more castles in the sky to build. To be honest, there’s so much this trip did for me, on so many levels. Above all, I feel gratitude that it was possible. A trip hasn’t ended; in reality, what has happened is the beginning of a lifelong affair with this island.

How many of you fell so in love with a place that it felt like returning home? Which was that place? Let me know in the comments, and as always,

Happy and Safe Travels, my lovelies! x


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