Start 2016 The Right Way, With Giftxoxo

The mad rush of Christmas shopping and gifting is over, and now everyone looks for that perfect dress to wear to the New Year’s Eve party. Arm candy having been secured, all that’s left is to pop open the bubbly, count down the last seconds of 2015 and hope the next year will be even better than this one. Now, for someone such as myself, the perfect way to start a new year would be with a new adventure, a trip somewhere or learning something new. Begin as you mean to go, as they say.

imageThis is where Giftxoxo comes in. The brilliant people over there have compiled and curated the best form of gifting there is: the gift of experiences! 

I am someone who likes to receive and give personalized gifts, not neessarily handmade, but with enough thought in them to be meaningful to the giver and receiver. If there is someone special in your life and you want to show them how much they mean to you, look no further. Giftxoxo has eliminated the time-consuming need to browse identikit gifts on shelves, virtual or solid, trying to find some semblance of a personal touch. From the comfort of wherever you happen to be, you can choose unique gifts that will leave lasting impressions. Be it an adventure, a painting class, a very special way to propose or an unforgettably decadent meal, it’s time to gift memories.

Giftxoxo has certainly widened my options and let me tell you, they’re putting the ‘joy’ back into the joy of giving.  They have a wide range of activities, adventures, getaways and sheer joy-inducing offerings such as this wonderful chance to learn to bake with friends and family. Why not send your hardworking mum, wife or sister on a spa day, and end it with a special dinner for two at that restaurant she’s been talking about for months? Or surprise your dad with some golf lessons? A few clicks is all it takes to rekindle romance, spend some one-on-one time with busy ones, and just show that you care.

As the years go on, we all realise that the best memories are never tied to things, but to people, to places, and experiences. In our busy lives we often forget that we don’t know how long this adventure called life will last, and that we must make time to let people know how much we love and appreciate them. If that sounds anything like you, what better time to put in the effort and make fresh memories than the occassion of a new year? With options in over 20 cities, I’m sure you’ll find just the right present this season at Giftxoxo. Go on, gift someone a new you, and who knows, maybe a new them.


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